Monday, September 13, 2010

i dealt with rush/bid night all weekend and o had a little fun with it as well!
she kept trying to go "across the lane". we'll have to have a chat about that when she's a little older. :)
then, tonight, i had to go up there and give the standards speech. this is always a touchy subject. "here's what you can/can't do and here's what i'll do to you if you screw up." there's a fine line between being nice and funny about it and also making them understand that you mean business. i was looking at this group of 42 freshmen and remembering when racheal sacier gave us the standards speech. she almost had us in tears! no advisor necessary. she was ruthless! but, it paid off b/c we didn't want to screw up for fear of meeting her in a standards meeting! i hope i came across very firm but in a very nice way! o went with me up there b/c i wasn't paying a babysitter for 30 minutes. here she is before we left. i love this dress. it's got little girls jumping rope smocked on it. i ordered it last winter for this year and it's still a little big but that just means we'll get more wear out of it!


  1. Cute, cute picture of her in her new dress!!!! Love that happy smile!

  2. She looks so cute! And by the way, there's nothing wrong with that house directly across the lane!

  3. ha rachel! obviously, that's why she kept trying to go over there!