Monday, September 6, 2010

labor day

o and i had a busy and fun day today! i love having these days with her. it's not the same old typical weekend day; it's an extra "special" day!
we got up and went grocery shopping. going at 9 am is the time to go! there wasn't a sole there! it was awesome! then we headed to the children's shoppe but they were closed so we headed to the park to feed the ducks. the ducks never showed but o was ok with that b/c she got to eat their bread! i tried to get her to throw it but she refused; only wanted to eat it. stale bread can't be good... then an inpromptu lunch with auntie jenjen and uncle john john. (they HATE when i call them this so i'm hoping and praying i can get olivia to do it :). this was o's first experiece at hot rods. not her first bbq but definately her first time there. she ate a good bit considering she'd just eaten enough stale bread for the both of us. whew, and that was all done before nap time!

this is how beautiful it was today
loving some stale bread - in her defense it was close to lunch time
note the dress - jackie made it - her first one!
still eating...
i always feel i don't have enough pics of me and o. so, here's one. not great. notice o is still eating.
jenny commented that she did really good in the restaurant the past 2 times we've eaten with her. she said she's not embarrassed to eat with us. i'm glad!

after nap we headed to hillary for a playdate with reynolds, lindsey/drake and emery/hudson. our intention was to paint again but thankfully no one else was in the mood (i was excited about it when it was planned but the closer it got the less excited i got. it's a lot of work!) so we just played inside. no pics.

but these are super cute pj's i picked up at wal-mart today for $5 (and they are organic and came in a cute cardbord box - not that that matters b/c this child has NEVER owned anything "organic" but just thought i'd note that)! they have some really cute options for cheap! they don't have feet but it's still hot so it's ok. o has definately had a growth spurt recently. i'm noticing more and more outfits that don't fit her when i dress her. i hope her hot weather clothes last until it cools off! (if you run out to buy these cute cheap pj's note that she's wearing a 24 mth here. the legs are a little long but the top fits perfectly. so, they run small!)
she's gonna kill me for this one day :)

hope you all had a great labor day!


  1. OMG...that last pic is precious...and hilarious!! I love the pics of her eating the ducks' bread. And, her dress is super cute too! Glad y'all had such a fun "special" day!!

    PS: Anniston is wearing new Walmart pj's tonight, too! Random, I know, but I just think it's funny that they have so much the same. We should be in town a couple of weekends coming up, so I'll let you know, and we can have that playdate we talk about! :)

  2. We bought those same exact pjs for emory today, and she is wearing them tonight. You can't beat the price! The polka dots were my fave. I am not a big Disney character person. We have a lot of the same things. Great minds think alike!

  3. i sure hate i missed hot rod's with y'all. maybe next time.