Saturday, September 18, 2010

tech vs navy

what a fun day! we tailgated for several hours before the game and then sweated our butts off at the 1st half of the game. one day o will be able to make it through but this isn't the year. i'm also instituting a new game day rule. no kids unless it's 65 or cooler. it was miserable which is one of the reasons we left when we did. i think o could have lasted at least through the 3rd quarter but chasing her in 100% humidity is not my idea of fun. luckily the people sitting around us were gracious and understood. she wan't bad by any means but she was BUSY! she wore me out! enjoy the pics!
tailgating with hudson wilkerson
she will climb on anything.

clapping for the dawgs!

not champs biggest fan...

pops provided some entertainment

annual family pic

and i just got a text that we stunk it up in the 2nd half and lost the game. geez. will we win a game this year? it's probably best i wasn't there. i tend to yell inappropriate things when we aren't playing to the ability i think we should be... maybe o won't pick up my bad habits.


  1. Glad y'all had fun but it was H-O-T! Sweet O looked too cute in her "Tech" dress!

  2. I'm bummed Tech is off to a slow start. It can only get better from here?? Adorable game pics though. =)

  3. From the perspective of a small child, I have to agree with Olivia -- Champ looks scary. :)