Thursday, September 2, 2010

silverware vs hands

from all accounts it is time to teach o that real people eat with silverware. so her daddy let her try to eat with a fork. i'm told that the pics are deceiving. she had a lot of help from her daddy (he "steered" and she "held on"). he didn't let her loose with it so the mess was kept at bay. she also didn't grasp that she needed to "scoop" the food. but practice makes perfect so we'll keep trying! i do feel that she's a little young to start this but i have friends that started about this age and their kids caught on pretty quickly so we'll see how this goes. we may have to revisit later but if we don't try we won't know if she can do it!

i just think that second pic is so cute! she looks like she's really enjoying that mac and cheese!

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  1. Awww! Such a big girl now! It's a Cannon Powershot S90 digital camera. It takes awesome pics like the SLRs, but it's small. I love it!