Wednesday, September 29, 2010

fall is here! finally!

LOVING this weather we've had this week. mid 50's in the mornings and mid 80's in the afternoons. this means i finally get to break out o's fall wardrobe! i've been building this season's wardrobe since july; just staring at the clothes longing for the day it would cool off so she could wear them. let me say a HUGE thank you to my SWEET friends that gave me lots of hand-me-downs. o may be naked if it weren't for you! :)

yesterday was kindermusik. o made massive breakthroughs there and fully participated in everything and also put up each item when it was time to put them up. it was so much fun watching her bang the drums, play with scarves, "make pancakes", etc...
she's home all week with sitters this week b/c we can't start with the new sitter until next week. it's fun having her home; i know she's getting tons of one on one time with people but man, sitters are expensive! today when i got home i took her outside to run around. she still loves being outside! notice all the pics are blury - it's b/c she won't stop long enough to take just 1 picture!

my mom kept her yesterday and sent me this pic. o loves to give sugar but it looks like she's trying to eat her!


  1. The pictures are precious! Love the last one! Sweet girl.

  2. Olivia is stylin'! She always has the cutest outfits. We made it to Budapest on Sunday and are getting settled in. I'll keep you posted!