Sunday, September 26, 2010

tech vs southern miss

well, we lost another one. but it was fun while it lasted! it RAINED the ENTIRE 4th quarter and of course i didn't have any rain gear but it was a 1 point ballgame and you don't leave a 1 point ballgame. you just don't. so, we stayed. we got SOAKED. we watched til the end (well, i can't lie. i watched until tech called their last timeout with 1:30 left on the clock.) the dawgs have got to get their acts together. we're struggling. i'm not sure what the problem is. do we have the wrong players (dooley recruited) for dyke's coaching? is our offensive cord. a moron (long pass on 3rd down, 2 yds to go in the rain and all we need is a field goal to win the game???) i'm not sure b/c i'm no expert but something's got to change. something.

anyway, we had a great time tailgating ALL DAY LONG. i got out there shortly after noon and it was another hot day. not nearly as bad as last week but still warm. jenny and john set up a tailgate this week. i'm labeling it the redneck tailgate. you'll see why. but, they were the only ones on the hill with a tv so i guess it's worth it! lots of people were stalking their tent to watch the games on tv during the day!
the antenna..

notice the rug. don't be surprised if you see a coffee table at the next home game... the major complaint was nowhere to prop your feet up! :)

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