Saturday, September 11, 2010

gearing up!

the tech home opener is 1 week away. o and i are both extremely excited. we'll be tailgating with friends and then watching the game with family/friends. i'm glad o likes to be outside so much b/c on home game days she's going to live outside! :)

this beauty came in earlier this week.

and she's official! we picked up her kids club tshirt and badge earlier this week to!

now i'm off to get ready for bid night tomorrow night. it's lots of work but well worth it when you see how happy the new members are!


  1. Love that dress! She looks so excited! Go dawgs!

  2. Precious! Cute dress!! Oh, and I have become friends with Shellie through e-mail since finding out our lil girls had similar stories! They seem like an awesome family, and I feel so blessed to kind of know them!

  3. I love that dress. Where did you get it from?

  4. Just realized I spelled Shelley's name wrong! Ugh!