Wednesday, September 15, 2010

16 months!

here we are again. another month gone by. nothing has really changed with o this month. just SUPER fun to be with! her speech still concerns me even though i know it shouldn't. she's not picked up any new words since my last monthly update. i guess the biggest change this month is that we took the paci away but you already knew that. :) i'm so glad we did it. we're now brushing her teeth with flouride free toothpaste; her bottom 2 teeth finally broke through but they are coming in "vertical" instead of "horizontal". does that make sense? they're coming in all sorts of wrong! i told rett we might as well start saving for braces! she's pretty much outgrown her 12 month clothes which makes it hard for me to dress her these days. i'm not buying anymore hot weather clothes so we'll just have to make due until it cools off!
this pic was taken yesterday before we left for kindermusik. i LOVE this dress. i got it at kool kids when i was still pregnant with o. i had it monogrammed and have been saving it ever since. i broke it out earlier this summer but it was way too big. now it's finally starting to fit and it's mid september! i'm thinking for fall i'll put a long sleeve shirt and leggings under it and still wear it. who cares if it's a white dress in the winter. she's a baby and can still do that!

she finally figured out how to go forward on her riding toy above. she's pretty slow but she knows how to do it!

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  1. Super cute dress! Claudia has that same car... it remains stationary unless I push it around the room. =)