Monday, September 20, 2010

touchdown and pizza

america's two favorite pasttimes! yesterday before church i taught o the touchdown signal. she picked it up really fast!
then for lunch after church we went to johnny's with friends. this was her first dining in experience at johnny's. she "ate it up". makes a mama proud.
and then, of course, we combined the two and had her "touchdowning" at johnny's. some lady just stared at us but i didn't care. it was cute!


  1. sounds to me like she IS her mother's child! :) sweet thing!

  2. She is too stinking cute! You've created a perfect little Ruston girl!

  3. Such a smart girl! It was SO good to see you both at the game! I wish we could have hung out more tailgating, but maybe we can shoot for more time at homecoming?! O is adorable! Anniston thinks so, too...

  4. That touchdown picture is just precious!